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The Florida Department of Children and Families provides an online service and portal for applicants to access Florida food, cash and medical assistance and sign in to check their account. In order to qualify, you need to fill in a survey form for economic self sufficiency. These survey questions include questions like:

1) How many people are there in the household.
2) Number of children, adults and seniors in the house?
3) Is the household located in Florida and if members are US citizens?
4) IS anyone pregnant in the household
5) Is any one enrolled in Medicare.

These are just some sample questions and other questions pretty much test for self sufficiency. Any if the end result of the pre-screennig for public assistance is positive, then the potential applicant can apply for aid from the State of Florida. There are various ways to apply for the program:

For new users, you can enroll to access these services. If you use a computer to apply, you can visit the official site and access MyAccount (mi cuenta) at  www.myflorida.com/accessflorida . Please make sure that you use only the official resource for applying and checking for benefits as there are a number of other sites that purported to do that same but are scam sites that may steal your personal information. Once you are enrolled, you can sign in to your account to check status in the ACCESS Florida portal with the case number.  You can also access your account to claim weeks for unemployment.

You can also apply with one of the ACCESS Florida community partners and you can look up the partners at http://www.dcf.state.fl.us/access/CPSLookup/search.aspx

Alternatively, you can visit one of the customer service center  which can also be found online. Otherwise, you can fill up a form and mail it in. Depending on the program or assistance applied for,  there may be an interview. Most applications can be processed within 30 days and in some cases in less than 45 days for Medicaid and Temporary Cash Assistance. The assistance are typically not permanent and generally last for 6 months to 12 months to help you tide through difficult times while the applicant may look for a job or other sources of economic self sufficiency.

There are also a number of other forms for ACCESS Florida which includes ACCESS Florida Application in different languages, employment verification form, loss of income verification forms, food assistance program forms and Medicaid Program Forms. Users who need to apply and access benefits will find the myFlorida ACCESSFlorida site very useful.

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