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Elephant Bar is a great place to enjoy wood grilled and fusion food with an Asian flair. Elephant Bar creates the atmosphere of a restaurant in Safari with big elephant heads, giraffes and other animals. Its menu consist of great items like MisoYaki salmon, Kona BBQ Combo, Soy gingered calamari. The calamari is a little different from your fried calamari because they are in big slices  and taste quite chewy. Like many other restaurants that conduct web based survey, Elephant Bar has an invitation to complete their survey on the receipt itself.  However, the survey rewards is not as attractive as others in the sense of a bigger reward like a sweepstakes. Instead, the Elephant Bar Web Survey does it a little differently by telling you what items you can redeem for if you complete the survey. Mine was a free parmesan green beans if I purchase 2 entrees in the next visit. Not so great for a completely free good, but good for those customers who plan to revisit the restaurant.

On the receipt, an invitation to visit www.elephantbar.com/websurvey website is printed along with a 15 digit serial number. The web survey needs to be entered in 30 days and is not valid with other discount offer. To get started, I entered the 3 digit store code followed by the 15 digit serial number all printed on the receipt.  Once I entered it, these were the list of survey questions presented in step by step fashion:

What meal did you join us for?
What type of dining experience did you have?
Please rate your overall satisfaction with your experience at this Elephant Bar Restaurant.
The genuine and natural hospitality of the staff
The speed of service
The taste and quality of your food and/or beverage.
The atmosphere of the restaurant considering music, noise level, décor, cleanliness etc.
The overall value for the price you paid.
Which one of the following would most improve your satisfaction with the speed of service?

  • Wait time to be seated
  • Time to place your order
  • Time to receive your beverage
  • Time to receive your appetizer
  • Time to receive your entree
  • Time to receive your dessert
  • Time to receive your check

Which one of the following would most improve your satisfaction with the taste and quality of your food or beverage?
Which one of the following best describes your being less than “Highly Satisfied” with the atmosphere of the restaurant?

  • Music noise level
  • Noise level (excluding music) inside restaurant
  • Seating was uncomfortable
  • Temperature of the restaurant
  • Lighting in the restaurant
  • Atmosphere was too chaotic or hectic
  • Atmosphere was sluggish and lacking energy
  • Other

Did you experience a problem during your visit?
Based on this visit, what is the likelihood that you will recommend this Elephant Bar Restaurant to others in the next month?
Was the door opened for you either upon arrival or departure?
Did you receive a warm, genuine greeting when you entered the restaurant?
Did the host present each person at your table with our Featured Specials Card and a regular menu?
Was this your first visit to an Elephant Bar Restaurant?
Did your server ask you if this was your first visit?
Did your server point out the Featured Specials Card?
Did your server recommend one of our Specialty Drinks prior to you placing your order?
Did your server recommend or suggest a specific appetizer or one of their favorites?
Did the service staff appear as they were working as a team?
When your food and or beverages were delivered did the server present the correct items to the correct person without having to ask who had what?
After your food was delivered, did your server follow-up in a timely manner after your first bite?
Did your server present the dessert menu?
Did you pay with a credit card?
When you paid with your credit card, were you thanked by name?
Was a manager visibly interacting with guests in the dining room or bar?

When I was finally done with the survey, a 4 digit code was given and it was recommended that I write it down on the receipt and redeem it in my next visit to Elephant Bar.

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