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Walmart is one of the largest retailers, company and employer in the world. It employs as many as 2 million+ employee which is close to one percent of America. This number is astounding and Walmart is like a country of its own with that many number of employees. To put that number in context,  it can provide employment for an entire country like Jamaica and more than 100 countries in the world does not even have a population size that rivals the number of employees at Walmart.

This is why the WalmartOne portal was created which is an improvement over the old site MyWalmart. You can access it via or or simply WalmartOne is the portal for Walmart Associates to get connected with Walmart and to keep in touch with associates around the world.  First, you can get connected via Walmart news that keeps associates up to date with the news worthy items happening at Walmart. More importantly, WalmartOne is a place for associates to access to manage other aspects of their life at Walmart including pay and financial benefits, health insurance, career and education.

WalmartOne attempts to consolidate and become a central portal for employees to login manage their pay stub, discount programs, health and insurance benefits and other perks. Here you can access which is a link at the bottom of WalmartOne. MyWalmart has been deprecated to make way for this newer online service.  Employees use it regularly to check their paystub and schedule and so when the portal is down or not working and employees cannot sign in, it can affect quite a large number of people. When the portal has technical issues and is not working and you need customer service help, call (800) 421-1362. To access your WalmartOne Associate portal, visit


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